2020 K-Z Durango Gold 381REF - $109,900
 Front Living Room, Pure Luxury

Oh my Goodness Luxury living at it's best ! Front Living Room, Power Reclining Theater Seating with heat and message features. Extra Large TV, Rear Bedroom, Tons of Storage in and OUT, 2 Fireplaces, …. Both videos attached to this unit may not be from our dealership, the specifications, advertised prices may differ and could be U.S.A. based. Please call or e-mail us anytime at 1-506-388-5751 or toll free at 1-888-820-0080 or e-mail us at PineAcresMoncton@gmail.com At Pine Acres RV in Moncton, we know that service is important to you. Shop on-line with our up to date website www.PineAcresRV.com Ask us about our 6 month deferral program and the possibility of cash back in any of our payment quotes.

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