Wildwood Lodge Park Models… Are they the right fit for you?

You may be in the process of looking to upgrade your normal towable rv to a larger unit and are shopping to see what may fit your needs.

Some of the questions you need to ask  are… Am I going to tow anymore? Am I going to stay in one spot for the camping season? Am I looking for more room for my family? Am I looking for all the luxuries of a permanent cottage or camp but do not want the cost of construction & the high taxes?

If you decided maybe a destination or park unit is the right way to go for your situation, then the Wildwoood DLX, Lodge, or Grand Lodge might be the unit for you.

Offering a huge assortment of floorplans to fit everybodys lifestyle from a unit for your full family with young children seasonally placed at your local campground to that spacious unit for that retired couple parked on the river you are bound to find the perfect second home in a Wildwood


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