Quebec City! A delightful RV destination from the Maritimes…

Our entire family goes on a major family RV trip every summer. We usually pick a US destination but this year decided to explore in Canada. We left from NS around 7am and stopped for fuel and a couple meals but still ended up at our destination, The Quebec City KOA in Levis, Quebec on the outskirts of Quebec City around 6pm. It was an easy relaxing drive even with large RV’s, plus we ended up gaining an hour. There were lots of easily assessable Fuel stations along the way and really no heavy traffic.

Quebec City KOA

None of us had ever been to Old Quebec City before so we decided to do a food tour to kick the trip off. This was a great experience as we got to sample 5 different restaurants that offered some traditional Quebec meals and drinks, plus we got to tour throughout the city. We were all amazed by the European feel that was everywhere we walked. Parking for a dual wheeled truck was certainly difficult but Dad finally found a parking lot at the back of Laval University. The streets are mostly cobblestone and very narrow but in all Old Quebec City was very easy to navigate.

Old Quebec City Streets

We relaxed the next morning and then decided to go a Farmers market. The market we ended up at was Le Grand Marché de Québec and it was amazing! Local cheeses, wine, craft beer and vegetables were in abundance and were beautifully displayed. We got some odd looks as we had a couple carts overflowing with produce and local spirits. We actually ended up going there twice during the trip.

All of our family is english speaking and we were concerned that it may be more difficult to communicate with the locals, but we were able to communicate for the week with very little difficulty.

Le Grand Marché de Québec 

As my daughter loves animals the next Morning we decided to take in an aquarium. The Aquarium du Quebec was conveniently close and was a good size park so were were able to make a day of it. We were excited about the Polar Bear exhibit but unfortunately it was shut down for upgrades. There were lots of great displays otherwise though and all in all it was great spot to visit.

The next day was a monday so we decided to explore the lower section of Old Quebec City while there was less traffic as on the weekends it is packed with tourists. We also wanted eat some more of that great food that we had sampled days before. You get in a glass trolley which they charge you going down and going up. This section of town along the St Lawrence River was like stepping back in time and was packed with small shops and restaurants and historic landmarks.

Lower Old Quebec City

Our final day before heading to New Brunswick was spent at Montmorency Falls and the Ile d’orléans. The Montmorency Falls was within view of the bridge to Ile d’orléans and was a spectacular view. We all climbed onto a gondola and glided to the bottom of the hill. After that it was around a 10 minute walk to the falls. For someone who has never seen large falls that close it was certainly a view to see. The power of them were incredible. We then walked back and had to wait over an hour for a ride back up to the top. The kids really enjoyed seeing them though!

Montmorency Falls, QC

Ile d’orléans is located in the Saint Lawrence River about 5 kilometres east of downtown Quebec City,  The island was one of the first parts of the province to be colonized by the French, and a large percentage of French Canadians can trace ancestry to early residents of the island. It took us around 1.5 hours to drive totally around it and it was just beautiful with water views all around. It has rich soil full of crops like apples and Vineyards and we would guess that a lot of the surrounding cities get their produce and wines from this area.

Ile d’orléans
Ile d’orléans

In conclusion, If you are looking for an easy destination that is packed full of activities, education, history and fun, Quebec City is certainly recommended by the Brown family and we will be visiting again soon!

Andrew Brown, Owner/GM Pine Acres Rv Stewiacke Limited

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