Winter is for the birds…RV Snowbirds! Tips and Tricks for US Travel.

Winter is the time to get away with your home away from home.  Your destination may be Florida, Arizona, Texas or even California, in the middle of a winter storm any of these destinations will seem like a great idea! Here are a few tips to make your trip a bit easier. 

  1. Dont forget your passport!
  2. Make sure you have the proper health insurance, Many plans do not extend past 30 days outside your home province, so phone up and get an extension if you are going to be longer than that.
  3. Check the US Government site for a list of inadmissable fruits, veggies and meat products. It will save you some hassle at the border.
  4. Make a list and take pictures of all the valuables in your RV and email it to yourself so you have a timestamp… It will be helpful when you leave the country to prove you didn’t purchase it while in the US.
  5. Call your Credit Card company and let them know your destination and dates of travel.
  6. Grease your wheel bearings, Check all your caulking on the unit and grease your fifth wheel hitch. You should also UV protect your roof to prevent premature chaulking.
  7. Campgrounds in the Northeast are usually closed, we promote staying in campgrounds but it always isn’t possible. We recommend that if staying in a Wal-Mart or parking lot to google and see if that particular lot will let you park there overnight. On our travels we have found several Wal-Marts that will not allow it. Always make sure you pick up all refuse and we almost always do some shopping!-)
  8. Fuel stops are where most accidents happen. I always try to find one of the major truck stops so we do not get jammed in a far too small space. Flying J’s, Pilots, Loves or Travel Plazas usually have ample room to move around. Cracker Barrells usually have an RV parking area as well.  Pro Tip… when the fuel pump asks for a ZIP Code NS is 02000 and PEI is 01000
  9. We usually check the reviews of Campgrounds and directions about 3 hours ahead of time…. Believe me we have accidentally stayed at some scary ones when we were in a rush and didn’t research properly.
  10. Before you head out put a US package on your cell phone. if you are staying a while you can do what we do and actually purchase a US cell phone.
  11. Fill your water tank if it isnt going to freeze. Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops and some truck stops will allow you to fill your tanks and dump your waste.
  12. If you have an issue with your RV ( which happens, if youve ever ridden inside a Trailer its like being in your house in a 70mph hurricane) you can call us and we will reasearch a dealer close to you.
  13. Traveling with your furry family members requires you to have the proper paperwork to cross the border as well.
  14. Have all your Titles, Insurance etc for your Tow vehicle and RV readily accessible.

I hope you find this little article helpful and feel free to email me further tips @

Happy Trails!

Andrew Brown GM Pine Acres Stewiacke Ltd.

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