Important Article regarding Maintenance, Seals & Seams.

Got a leak? Don’t have one, but don’t one to start?  As per the manufactures  warranty and insurance regulations you should quickly check all your seams, seals and slide rubbers every 90 days! This is a very simple and easy task.

The sun does dry out and shrink caulking and the roofs lap sealant after time, running down the road and even the wind causes the wall and roof to move and possibly open up seams. You can do a visual check of your roof by walking up and checking around all the installed accessories like the A/c unit etc. You will see it cracking or pulling away if its time to touch up or replace the sealants. On the outside of the unit check along all the seams for any signs of caulking that needs replacement.  It is important check that the wiper seal is flipped out to direct the water off the slide. If the wiper seal happens to stay in you could have water directed into your RV. There are also D seals around the slide, if these are damaged by the sun, crushed or torn it may also allow for water intrusion.

If you have a leak, even if its small….  get it tended to right away. If you let it continue it can cause major damage. This is a quick task that should be performed multiple times a year to protect your investment, If you are uncomfortable performing the task, call up our service dept and schedule an appointment to get our professionals to look at it;-) Unfortunately the manufacturer’s or extended warranty  along with your insurance company will not cover leaks that are caused by “Lack of Maintenance”

Call or text our Service Dept today @ (902)639-1509 to book an appointment.

Andrew Brown (Pine Acres Stewiacke Limited)

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