How important is it buy from a local reputable dealer when purchasing an RV?

We receive this question alot!

One of the things that you have to remember especially when purchasing a new RV is that they are not always (or ever) perfect rolling out of the factory! RV’s are built by individuals and are prone to factory defects! What?? You may ask yourself, this is a brand new unit that I have a large investment in, why do I have some issues that need addressed? Dont panic! This is why you buy from a local reputable dealer. We have service departments that properly go through your RV before delivery and try to catch any of the imperfections before you, the consumer receives your new toy! This process called the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) and takes anywhere from 4-12 hours if properly performed. A dealer that is not local sometimes will not take the proper amount of time on this process because they know they will not have to service the customer:-( . Even after we perform this extensive PDI procedure you may find indiciencies after actually enjoying and using your new camper. As a dealer we are here to fix and adjust these issues. It may be as small an issue as a uneven cabinate door or as major as a refer or AC that stopped working. Remember A dealer that is hundreds of kms away is not going to drop everything to go and help you.

Customers often believe that ” I bought a new car a couple years ago and have never had any issues with it, so why would I have to use any warranty on a new camper?”.  Good question! The automotive industry uses robots to assemble vehicles so the margin of error is very low. You have to look at buying a new camper more like buying a new home where there will be adjustments and defects in various places.

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We dont want to alarm you, but want to show you why it makes sense to buy from a professional dealer! We are RV professionals and our service teams have decades of experiance in all departments and aspects of RV repairs. Also customers that purchase an RV from any of our 4 Atlantic dealerships come first! You can have the confidence that anywhere in the maritimes you are traveling, that you are never far away from a Pine Acres RV Dealership.

Another great benefit of purchasing from us is that you get to build a relationship with our great team. Questions about the new RV that you just purchased from Pine Acres? Need the latest RV Accessory? Our fast friendly team are always happy to answer any questions that may pop up & carry the latest RV parts.telemarketer




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